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From: Thomas Brown

It's real simple .. join as a FREE member and get Guaranteed Traffic to your sites through Text Ads, Banner Ads, Guaranteed Traffic Links and Solo Ads! If you Upgrade, you will enjoy even more benefits including a 50% Commission.

Get more Targeted Traffic, Email your Referrals and make genrerous Commissions! How simple could it be!?

EZ Clix is a very unique Text Ad Exchange, where you browse text ads on the site and click on the ads that catch your interest, you will Earn Points for viewing the Websites of those ads.

You can get some Guaranteed Traffic when members View your Text Ads, Click on your Banners and Read your Solo Ads.

You can be sure your websites will always get Guaranteed Visitors! The more eye-catching your text ad, the more traffic you get - it's that easy! You only view Websites you want to view and are rewarded points for doing that! When is the last time you had some Guaranteed Traffic? You can get some Guaranteed Traffic at EZ Clix!

Referrals Will Now Be Paid a Commission On ALL Purchases Your Referral Makes And Not Just Special Offers, Such As OTO's And Login Offers and Upgrades. You Will Receive a Commission For Any Advertising Your Referral Makes.

Pro Members Now Will Also Earn Bonus Points Every Time One Of Your Referrals Logs In! This Is My Way Of Rewarding You For Referring Active Members. So If You Were To Refer Just 20 Members That Log In Just 10 Times Per Month You Could Imagine The Extra Bonus Points You Can Earn. More Points Mean More Advertising For You!

All Members Earn Residual Traffic! Pro Members Earn 10% Of All The Points Their Referrals Earn And Free Members Earn 3% Of All The Points Their Referrals Earn! For Example, If "Tom" Is a Pro Member And He Refers Frank; Every Time Frank Earns 1000 Points, Tom Earns 100 points! And This Happens In Real Time! Totally Fantastic! Benefit!

You Will Be Able To Email Everyone Of Your Referrals With a Credit Link For Recipients To Click On Giving You More Guaranteed Free Traffic! Free Members Can Email Their Referrals Once Every 7 Days And Pro Members Every 3 Days. Just Another Fantastic Way For All Your Promotions.

Members Can Now Setup a Login Ad. You Will Find This New Feature Under Setup Advertising. You See Login Ads Everytime You Login To EZ Clix. You Can Now Add Your Own Which Will Be Randomly Rotated On The Login. Another Great Feature added to EZ Clix.

You Will Now Be Able To Post Your Ads Here At EZ Clix In Both Text And HTML Now. In The Past You Could Only Post In Text, But Now You Can Post In Both Text And HTML. Another Fantastic Addition!

There Is NO Cost To Upgrade To PRO Here At EZ Clix By Using Your Points. There Are 2 Options Now Available At EZ Clix For Upgrading To Pro. Redeem Your Points Are Purchase Your Upgrade. We Want Our Members To Stay Active. All You Have To Do Is Click On Enough Ads And You Can Upgrade To Pro For FREE! Once You Have Accumulated 35,000 Points You Can Upgrade To Pro Instantly By Redeeming Your Points! Once You Upgrade To Pro You Will Also Receive a Signup Bonus Of 5,000 Points, 1 Solo, 2 Banners With 2000 Impressions And 1 Traffic Link With 100 Views. Awsome Value! This Will Make EZ Clix One Of The Most Responsive Text Ad Exchanges And Start Enjoying All The Benefits Pro Members Have. If You Prefer To Save Your Points, You Do Have The Option To Purchase Your Upgrade.

You Can Now Purchase Your Advertising Or Use Your Points. In The Past The Only Way To Purchase Advertising Was To Use Your Points. You Can Now Purchase Your Advertising Now As Well. Dont Have Enough Points To Purchase a Solo, Traffic Link, Banner, Login Ad or Hotlink and Only Need One, Well You Now Have This Option as well.

All Members Can Browse 3 Text Ads At a Time Now. Dont Have To View Just One Anymore. Even More Fantastic Options!

More Options And More Coming Here At EZ Clix!

Features Free Pro
# Text/HTML Posting 5 Times Per Day 20 Times Per Day
# Of Saved Text Ads 5 20
# Of Saved HTML Ads 5 20
# Of Saved Solo Ads 5 20
Pts When Joining 15,000 50,000
Monthly Pts 100 1,000
Referral Pts 100 500
Pts Viewing Text Ads 40 80
Pts Viewing HTML Ads 40 80
Pts Clicking Banners 50 100
Pts Viewing T/Links 100 150
Pts Reading Solo Ad 200 300
Pts Reading SuperSOLO 1000 1500

Pro Membership

50000 points on joining

80 points for every ad read

300 points for every solo ad click

1000 points for every referral

Unlimited Posts Per Day

$5.00 for every paid referral

Price: $19.95 Lifetime

Sign Up Free, Then Upgrade Inside!

Free Membership

15000 points on joining

40 points for every ad read

200 points for every solo ad click

250 points for every referral

Post 2 times a day

$2.00 for every paid referral

Price: FREE

NO AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, Earthlink, Comcast, ATT Email Addresses
( You Won't Receive The Confirmation Email )
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All Marketers Agree And Recommend A FREE Gmail Account For Advertising Sites
Be Sure To White List

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